Online counselling

Online counselling can be just as effective as face to face therapy, and for some, it can work even better. There are many benefits to online counselling. Firstly, it can be more convenient as you won’t have to factor in travel time or parking. Secondly, it allows for greater flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule. Thirdly, it can be a more economic solution to accessing therapy as it doesn’t include the overhead cost of a hired room.

Attending counselling from the comfort of your own space can help to make you feel more at ease. For some, it can actually be easier to talk with the distance provided by a screen. Alternatively, you could choose to supplement your in-person sessions with online. Whatever works for you, I’m happy to help.

My ambition for you is that you feel optimistic about your future and self-satisfied that you are doing something positive to make things better.

Online counselling with video conferencing

How it works

For our online sessions, I use a secure and confidential video conferencing software, similar to Zoom. 

You can attend the session from wherever suits you. Preferably a quiet and private space where you feel able to talk freely. As with in person counselling, I will use Transactional Analysis methods to guide you through our time together and the challenges you face.

If you think online counselling could be the solutions you’re looking for, contact me for your free initial phone consultation. I also offer in person counselling in Lewes and Horsham.